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Tesco Delivery Saver Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law and set out the terms under which Tesco makes the Membership of Delivery Saver (as defined below) available to you. Please note that our General Terms and Conditions (which can be found here) and our Product Terms and Conditions (which can be found here) also apply to your Membership of Delivery Saver. Please also note that your Membership of Delivery Saver will automatically renew at the end of each Membership Period unless and until you provide us with notice to terminate your Membership (in accordance with the cancellation clause below).

In these terms and conditions

Contract Period means three months from when you sign up or renew your Membership. Delivery Saver means our delivery service where Tesco Ireland Limited ("Tesco" "we" or "us") contracts with the customer ("you" or "your") to provide a subscription based service for the delivery of Products. Membership means your subscription for Delivery Saver and the term "Member" shall be construed accordingly. Membership Fee means the payment due on a monthly basis for Membership during your Membership Period. Membership Period means a period of three months which includes each automatic renewal of your Membership. Products means Tesco groceries. Qualifying Order means an order placed for any one or more of the Products on a Qualifying Website on a day where no other Delivery Saver delivery is scheduled to be delivered to you. Qualifying Website means Tesco Partners means our selected third party partners at Tesco.

Delivery Saver Key facts

Deliver Saver applies to Qualifying Orders of Products. In order to qualify for Delivery Saver, the value of Products in each order must meet the minimum requirements set out below: groceries: €50 Membership includes one delivery per day on the days that your plan is valid and at the times stipulated on the Qualifying Website in question. Your plan is valid on any day of the week. Your Membership will automatically renew at the end of each Contract Period unless and until you provide us with notice to terminate your Membership (in accordance with the terms below).

Your contract for Delivery Saver is with Tesco. Your contract is made, and your Membership therefore begins, when we successfully process payment of your Membership Fee. Your contract is subject to these terms and conditions, our General Terms and Conditions (click here) and our Product Terms and Conditions (click here). By signing for Membership, you confirm that you have read and understood all of our terms and conditions.

Customers who are 65+ years old are eligible for the Over-65 Delivery Saver plan. Delivery addresses must be in areas of Ireland (this excludes Northern Ireland) which are serviced by the delivery service. Details of these areas are available on this Site or by calling 1800 248 123. This plan is free of charge to customers who are 65 years old or older. To sign up to this plan contact our customer services team on 1800 248 123. You will be required to provide proof of age on receipt of your first delivery. Minimum basket spend on all orders for Over-65 plan members is €50, if your order is under this amount, you will be charged the full delivery cost. Days of delivery for this plan are Monday to Saturday. Within these days, there will be restrictions on the delivery slots available from 3pm to 7pm and delivery slots are subject to availability.

If you place an order which is not a Qualifying Order, you will be charged the same delivery fees as if you were not a Member of the Delivery Saver scheme. If the value of your order is less than the Minimum Order Value, this means you will be charged a minimum basket charge as set out on the Qualifying Website (where applicable), in addition to the delivery charge.

On making any Qualifying Order, Membership allows you to choose any delivery slot available on the days that the plan is valid. You will receive that delivery without the normal charge being applied, regardless of the delivery charge that would usually be associated with that delivery slot. Membership does not guarantee any particular delivery slot (you can only pick from those available at the time you place a Qualifying Order). This is because delivery slots are limited and are available to all customers. If you cancel your Membership, delivery charges will apply for any order that is to be delivered after the end of your Membership Period. If you are on a trial plan we reserve the right to restrict access for priority slots.

Your Membership Fee is the price displayed on for the Membership Period at the time your Membership commences. Clicking to purchase your Membership indicates your consent to us debiting the Membership Fee using the payment details provided by you. You can cancel your renewal at any time by calling our customer service team on 1800 248 123. You can also cancel your renewal by emailing us at If you cancel your Membership within 14 days of the commencement of the relevant Contract Period (the "Cancellation Period") and before you have received a Delivery Saver delivery, we will provide you with a full refund of the Membership Fee (the refund will be made as soon as is reasonably practicable to the payment card you used to purchase Membership). If you cancel your Membership within the Cancellation Period, but after a Delivery Saver order has been dispatched to you, we will refund the Membership Fee less the full price of the delivery slot(s) used. If you cancel your Membership after the Cancellation Period has expired, you will not be able to obtain a refund of the Membership Fee (in whole or part).

At the end of your first and any subsequent Contract Period, your Membership will automatically renew unless you notify us before the renewal date that you do not want your Membership to continue. Please see the cancellation clause above further information. By signing up for Membership, you authorise us to take the Membership Fee both at the start of your Membership and when your Membership automatically renews. This will be done using the payment details from the payment card that you have given us for your account. We reserve the right to alter the Membership Fee for future renewals of your Membership. We will notify you of any alteration in the Membership Fee at least 14 days in advance of the alteration, and you can cancel your Membership if you do not wish your Membership to be renewed at the altered Membership Fee.

The Membership Fee will be taken on or after that day you sign up for Membership. We will try and ensure your Membership Fee is taken on the same day of each month. However, sometimes we may take this at a later date. Membership to the Over-65 plan is free to eligible customers. The Membership Fee will also be taken automatically each time your Membership is renewed. We will suspend your Membership if we are unable to process your payment of the Membership Fee until such time as we can process your Membership Fee.

Your Membership applies to your account and should not be shared with other users. Membership may only be used by the named account holder and is not transferable. We reserve the right to suspend Membership where in our discretion we determine that your use of Delivery Saver is not fair and reasonable. Tesco reserves the right to request proof that you are associated with your delivery address(es) i.e., the address is a temporary or permanent home or work address, and not the address of a friend or relative.

We reserve the right to charge you additional delivery charges in the event that we attempt delivery at the agreed time and either you are not there or there is no adult available to sign for the delivery.

Membership applies only to orders that are placed on a Qualifying Website and not to any other products which are offered for sale through Tesco.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions, to Delivery Saver (including without limitation ending Delivery Saver), Membership and Membership Fees from time to time by updating these terms and conditions on the website. We will generally also send you an email to advise you of any changes. Your continued Membership will be taken as your acceptance of any changes that we make. If you do not agree to any such change, you should cancel your Membership.

We may suspend or terminate your Membership at any time at our discretion (which may include where you are in breach of these terms and conditions or where fraud or misuse is involved).

We will not be responsible for any business loss (including but not by way of limitation, loss of profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, or wasted expenditure). We will not be responsible to you for any breach of these terms and conditions caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. If we are in breach of these terms and conditions we will only be responsible for loses that you suffer as a result to the extent that they are a reasonable foreseeable consequence to both of us at the time you make the relevant order. Any responsibility to compensate you in connection with any order will not exceed the total price of your Membership during the Contract Period in question. This section shall not limit or affect our liability if we act negligently and this causes death or personal injury and does not otherwise exclude or limit any liability which law prohibits us from limiting or excluding. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights. The Delivery Saver service is operated by Tesco Ireland Limited a company registered in Ireland whose registered office is at Gresham House, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. Please contact Customer Services on 1800 248 123, or emailing us at, with any questions