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As a little help from Tesco Clubcard and Irish Ferries, any unused tokens which have expired since 1st March 2020, will be valid for a further six months to give you enough time to use your codes when they are back to normal following Covid-19. You don't need to do anything now; Irish Ferries will accept your existing tokens when you book your trip with them for a further 6 months, from the current expiry date printed on the token.

Irish Ferries
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Token type: Irish Ferries
Category: Travel
Location: Dublin, Rosslare
Suitable for: Adult/Child
Product code: R0167

About this Deal

Travel to France and Britain this year on a choice of routes with Irelands leading sea carrier, operating the most modern fleet of cruise ferries and the only fast ferry on the Irish Sea, as well as the stylish W.B. Yeats direct from Dublin to France.

Choose routes from:

  • • Dublin direct to Cherbourg, Normandy.
  • • Dublin direct to Holyhead.
  • • Rosslare to Pembroke in South Wales.

Boost your vouchers to get much more value and use your Clubcard Boost tokens for full or part payment against your holiday and leisure travel at any time this year.

Clubcard Boost tokens can be used to pay for passenger motorist fares (including cabins and Club Class upgrades where available). Terms & Conditions apply.

To make a booking online, visit Irish Ferries, or alternatively call our specialist team at 0818 300 400. Bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance of outbound travel date.

[Note that a booking made by telephone will attract a service fee of €15.00].

Additional Information

Please visit

Terms and Conditions

Tesco Clubcard Boost tokens are considered a method of payment against the cost of a passenger motorist fare with Irish Ferries, rather than a means to discount the fare. Some fares may be discounted, however, Boost tokens are not applicable against promotional or short-term discounted fares, as stipulated in the terms & conditions of those promotional fares. All such offers are subject to restricted space, availability and cannot be used on designated peak sailings.

  • • Only one voucher code can be used per booking.
  • • A €15 service fee will be charged for bookings made by telephone.
  • • The person named on the Irish Ferries token must be named to travel on the booking.
  • • Standard and Clubcard terms & conditions apply.


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