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Clubcard Christmas Savers

Tesco Christmas Savers

Save for Christmas and earn bonuses with Clubcard

The Christmas Savers scheme allows you to save up all of your Clubcard vouchers during the year and receive them in one go in November, just in time for Christmas. You can also top up using your own money, and can earn bonus vouchers from us to help make Christmas a little easier. So just sign up and we'll arrange the rest for you.

We've kept it simple, to join just opt in via My Clubcard Account or call 00800 00 59 16 88

The benefits of being a Christmas saver are:

We'll save up your vouchers for you & send them in one go in November, ready for Christmas. Don't worry, you won't miss out as you'll still receive your Clubcard statement throughout the year as usual with some money off and Clubcard points coupons plus a summary of all the Clubcard points you've collected.

You can top up with your own money at the checkout to help you save, from as little as 50c to as much as €360.

We'll even boost your balance for you - simply top-up €50 or more throughout the year you will receive a €3 Bonus voucher, top up €100 or more and you will receive a €6 Bonus voucher* that can be used in store or online.

So just before Christmas you'll receive an early present in your Clubcard statement which will include your Clubcard vouchers, any top-up vouchers you have saved up, any bonus vouchers you have earned, plus your coupons.

It's really easy to join

Join Online - login to My Clubcard Account and you can opt in via 'Your Preferences'

Join by phone - call 00800 00 59 16 88

If you're still unsure and have some more questions, try our Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions:

Sorry points will not be given for purchases made at the coffee shop/restaurant, at the tobacco kiosk or for the sale of Lottery tickets, savings stamps, prize bonds, medicines, or infant milk formulae, or for purchases of gift cards, some Tesco Personal Finance products or purchases from the Tesco outlet eBay shop., Clubcard terms and conditions apply. You can top-up until 01/11/14. You can top-up up to €360 per year. Clubcard points are not collected on cash top-ups. Top-up and bonus vouchers cannot be exchanged for Clubcard Deals. Maximum bonus voucher value is €6. You can opt out of the scheme any time of the year. However any top-up vouchers you have saved throughout the year will not be sent out until your November statement. Click here for for full Clubcard terms and conditions or please call 00800 00 59 16 88.

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