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About the product life

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At Tesco, we are committed to making sure that you only receive the freshest products.

  • Your Personal Shopper is specially trained to select the freshest and highest quality products available.
  • Personal Shoppers will always take the time to select the product with the longest available shelf life.
  • Before selecting your product the Personal Shopper will check if you have added any specific requirements to the customer notes section. e.g. if you have said “I want green bananas” they will do their very best to find them for you.
  • To help maintain the freshness of your order, all of our delivery vans have separate freezer and chiller compartments for frozen and chilled items

Despite these precautions, it is essential that after purchase, food is stored, prepared and cooked properly to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Short Product Life' messages are intended to help you maintain the quality and safety of fresh food.

What does 'Short Product Life' mean?

  • Put simply, it means that the relevant products must be consumed within a few days of purchase.
  • The product will be delivered between 1 and 3 days before the 'Display Until' date. This includes the day of delivery.
  • We recommend that Fish Counter products be consumed within the date stated on the pack, which is the day after delivery.
  • Please be aware that the 'Display Until' date is not the last date on which products can be consumed. You should use the 'Best Before' or 'Use By' date to help you decide this. There will often be several extra days between the two dates.

Display Until', 'Best Before' and 'Use By' dates explained

'Display Until': The 'Display Until' date will often appear near or next to the 'Best Before' or 'Use By' date. This date is used by our store staff to help with stock control and is not intended to be used as guidance for shoppers. However, products with a “short product life” will always be sent out between 1 and 3 days before the “display until” date has expired.

'Best Before': The 'Best Before' date will appear on a wide range of frozen, tinned and other foods. The 'Best Before' dates are more about quality than safety). So when the date runs out it does not mean that the food will be harmful but it may begin to loose its flavour and texture. There is an exception for eggs, however; these must always be eaten befor their “best before” date.

'Use By': You will see 'Use By' dates on food that goes off quickly, such as fresh meat and poultry, meat products and ready prepared salads. Don't use any food or drink after the end of the 'Use By' date on the label, even if it looks good and smells fine. Using it after this date could put your health at risk.

Many foods with a 'Use By' date can be frozen and consumed at a later date. This will be clearly indicated on the label. However, it is important to freeze products on the day they are bought.