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Tesco Grocery Accessibility Help

  1. Shortcut Access keys for using the site
  2. How the site is built for accessibility users
  3. Search tips
  4. Tips for screenreader users
  5. Changing my browser settings
  6. Accessibility barriers
  7. Contact us

1. Shortcut Access keys for using the site

Access keys can be used to navigate around Tesco without using your mouse.

Use the access keys to jump directly to a different page within the site or use them jump directly to a particular section within a page.

Access keys and their functions
Access keyFunction
Sjump to the content
1go to our Home Page
4jump to the site search
6jump to the Help
8see our terms and conditions.
9jump to Contact Us
0jump to the Accessibility Page

How to use access keys in your browser

Using access keys if you have a PC
Internet Explorer 4Hold down the 'ALT' key and press the number of the access key
Internet Explorer 5 +Hold down the 'ALT' key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press 'ENTER’
Netscape 6 and earlierAccess keys are not supported
Netscape 7Hold down the ' Alt ' key and press the number of the Access key
Firefox 1.0 MozillaHold down the 'ALT' key and press the number of the access key
Firefox 2.0Please update to Firefox as there is a bug in 2.0
Firefox down the 'Shift' and 'Alt' keys and press the number of the Access key
Using access keys if you have a MAC
BrowserWhat to do
Firefox, MozillaHold down the ' Ctrl ' key and press the number of the Access key
Safari and OmniwebHold down the ' Ctrl ' key and press the number of the Access key
OperaHold down the ' Shift ' key and press ' Escape ' , release both keys, then press the number of the Access key

2. How the site works for accessibility users

Web Standards

At Tesco we understand the importance of standards and realise that by adopting standards our content is accessible to a wider audience.

We are committed to developing web content that is designed to comply with the official specification outlined by the World Wide Web consortium. Our content is continually checked and validated to conform to the W3C standards for Strict XHTML 1.0.

Our code is checked and validated against The WAI guidelines, which are the international guidelines for building accessible websites. They are divided into three levels of compliance: Single-A (what you must do), Double-A (what you should do), and Triple-A (what you may do).

The site is tested regularly to ensure that standards are adhered to and maintained. We aim to meet the all of the Single-A checkpoints, most of the Double-A checkpoints and some of the Triple-A checkpoints.


The site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CCS2) to control all the presentation and layout.

Access to all content is from the primary and secondary navigation menu at the top of every page. Each time a user refines their navigation, the results are filtered down to the most relevant products and relevant option for further navigation in the left hand menu.

A breadcrumb trail toward the top of the page allows the user to retrace their click path (or skip back several clicks), allowing users to understand where they are now as well as the overall structure of the site, and navigate back to the pages they've visited.


The content has been written and formatted to make it accessible. For example:

  • Headings highlight sections of text
  • Sentences are short with the meaning at the beginning
  • Links use meaningful text
  • Forms can be navigated using the tab key

3. Search tips

A search box is displayed on the top of each page. This can be focussed on by using the shortcut access key “4”. The search facility allows you to search for our most popular and commonly used products. If you are unable to find the product you are looking for in the search facility, you may be able to find it by navigating the site.

There is also a multisearch facility on every page which allows you to type in the names of several products at once, and the nearest matching products will display on several pages, showing one product per page. You can jump from one page to the other by clicking on the name of the product.

4. Tips for screenreader users

If you are using a screenreader to shop online with us, you may find it beneficial to view our access site which will disable certain features like JavaScript to make shopping online with us a more pleasant experience. To view our access site, please go to your preferences page (see link) and select view access site.

5. Changing my browser settings

If you find our site difficult to use due to the font settings they can be overridden by changing the preferences in your browser. For a step by step instruction on how to change any of the settings please see your browser help page.

Should you have difficulty viewing our site please try amending the following setting in your browser.

  • Turn off presets and fonts
  • Change font
  • Change font size
  • Change colours
  • Disable images
  • Make the mouse pointer bigger

6. Accessibility barriers

Despite our ongoing efforts, not all areas of the Tesco.ie website are fully accessibile. As part of our commitment to making the visitor experience consistent to everyone, we will continue to work on improving our website. In the meantime, should you experience any difficulties, please contact us explaining the problems you encountered.

7. Contact Us

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