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Tesco Pet Insurance is provided by RSA Insurance Ireland Ltd.

Why should I consider Pet Insurance?

Cats might have 'nine lives' - but they still become ill, like dogs.
Pet insurance can cover emergency visits to the vet, in some cases costing in the thousands.
Less serious ailments or illnesses can also be very expensive.
Tesco Pet Insurance gives you peace of mind that your beloved companions are covered for most eventualities.

What is a Maximum Benefit on a Tesco Pet Insurance Policy

Maximum Benefit means that there is a financial limit for each new condition your pet may suffer. There is no time limit on how long you can claim for each condition nor on the number of new conditions per period of insurance, provided the policy is renewed and remains in force. Once the maximum financial limit is reached, the condition becomes pre-existing and is excluded from future claims. This is how the Tesco Pet Insurance Standard policy works.

What is a Time and Benefit Limited pet insurance Policy

A Time & Benefit Limited Policy provides insurance for each new medical condition, up to a set financial limit, and there is normally a maximum number of new conditions per period of insurance. Each condition is covered, from the first presentation of clinical signs, for 12 months, provided the policy is renewed and remains in force. If the financial limit is reached within the 12-month period, the cover will stop paying for that condition. And if the time limit is reached the cover will stop paying for that condition. In both cases the condition becomes a pre-existing condition and is excluded from future claims. This is how the Tesco Pet Insurance Value policy works.

Do I get any pet insurance discounts for being a Clubcard customer?

Tell us your Clubcard number when you get in touch for an exclusive discount of 5% - just to welcome you and your pet to Tesco Pet Insurance. Subject to a minimum premium.

Do I get Clubcard points on my Tesco pet insurance premium?

You'll collect 1 point for every €1 you spend on your Tesco Pet Insurance premium once you provide your Clubcard number when you buy the policy.

What are the standard features and benefits of Tesco Pet Insurance?

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Protection from unexpected vet bills
  • Access to Vetfone (provided by Vetsdirect Ltd.) - a 24hr pet advice helpline
  • Special discount of 5%* for Clubcard customers
  • *Discounts subject to minimum premium of 42 for cat & 73.50 for dog (Value) and 52.50 for cat & 147 for Dog (Standard). Discounts applied consecutively with Clubcard discount applied first.

See also the policy booklet for more information.

These key differences of these two policies can be viewed here.

How do I get a Tesco Pet Insurance quote?

You can get a quote by clicking here or by calling 1890-812-133

How do I pay for my cover with Tesco Pet Insurance?

To cut administration costs and keep our prices down for our customers, we take payment by credit card, laser card or by monthly installments via Direct Debit. Please note that we are unable to accept cheques, postal orders, money orders or cash.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, you can pay by instalments via the Direct Debit facility, however we will require a deposit by Credit Card, Debit Card or Laser Card and a service charge will be applied for the instalment facility.

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