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Customer choice, health and nutrition

Supermarkets have a responsibility to help customers make the right choices. We do that by offering a diverse range of products at affordable prices and providing the information people need.

Tesco Ireland aims to make healthy eating more affordable for customers by developing our Healthy Living range, introducing nutritional labelling on all our own brand products, and prioritising healthy eating promotional campaigns. We have launched several initiatives in recent years to make healthy eating more affordable and appealing at Tesco.

GDA labelling indicates the amount of salt, sugar, calories, fat and saturated fat that a serving of a product contains, compared with the recommended Guideline Daily Amounts. It gives our customers an efficient and easy way to choose healthy products and is especially useful for those who are counting calories or have health issues.

Our approach to healthy living also encompasses the responsible retailing of alcohol and cigarettes. We are fully committed to playing our part. We already have strict policies to prevent underage sales of alcohol and tobacco. All retail staff involved with the sale of alcohol and tobacco are trained on the legal implications of selling such products to underage customers.

We are committed to working with and becoming part of the communities in which we operate, and to helping staff and customers pool their resources to support causes that are close to their hearts.

At Tesco Ireland we are involved with local communities on several levels, including:

  • The Tesco Charity of the Year
  • The Tesco Sport for Schools and Clubs Programme
  • The Tesco Computers for Schools Programme
  • Tesco Young Chef of the Year
  • Supporting local projects and initiatives at store level

We started Charity of the Year in 2001 and focus on charities who raise money for the elderly, health, special needs and children.

Tesco Ireland celebrated the 12th anniversary of our Computers for Schools programme in 2009. We were one of the first companies to make a long-term commitment to an educational scheme of this scale, and it is still the largest of its kind in this country.

The Tesco Sport for Schools and Clubs programme encourages young people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Since its launch in 2005, our customers have collected over 48 million vouchers, helping more than 2,400 schools and clubs nationwide to benefit from over €2 million worth of sports equipment. Equipment is available for a whole range of sports including hurling, rugby, tennis and athletics, as well as pre-school PE essentials.

Tesco Ireland encourages children to get interested from an early age in what they are eating and cooking. Our 'Young Chef of the Year' competition is designed to get young people into the kitchen and learn about food and nutrition in a fun and creative way.