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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is central to the way we run our business. This is evident in our relationships with customers, local communities and the environment.

Corporate responsibility leadership is provided by a cross functional committee of CEO Tony Keohane and other senior directors. The committee meets monthly to review relevant policies and practices, identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of the business, agree and monitor our KPIs (key performance indicators) for CR, and engage with internal and external stakeholders on CR issues to raise awareness.

Our community plan is an annual plan that has been one of Tesco Ireland’s strengths in recent years. It is based on our "Steering Wheel" model, where we set out specific projects which we will deliver over the following 12 months.

Our Community Plan responds to the changing expectations of our customers and suppliers, and helps shape our business for the future. The plan focuses on several key areas, including:

  • Climate change and the environment
  • Community involvement
  • Our people
  • Supporting our economy
  • Health and wellbeing

Each segment of the Steering Wheel has a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). These set demanding targets, with quarterly reports to the Board here and in the UK. Our corporate responsibility KPIs reflect:

  • Customer priorities including recycling, local sourcing, organics and healthy eating
  • Staff concerns such as training and charitable giving
  • Government requirements such as energy efficiency and packaging reduction
  • Business concerns including labor standards and ethical trading