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Health and safety

The provision of a safe environment for our staff and customers continues to be a key focus for the business. All Executive Board Directors have been trained on health and safety issues and, to ensure that they command the right profile within the business, Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Executive Director, Corporate and Legal Affairs, is responsible for health and safety at Board level.

Our performance is actively monitored and tracked using reportable accident rates as one of the key measures on the corporate Steering Wheel. In addition the Compliance Committee of the Board carries out a detailed review of health and safety performance four times a year.

In 2006 we set a three-year target to reduce the rate of reportable accidents in our UK workplace by 10%. At the end of the first two years we have already comfortably beaten the target, with a reduction of 14%. Reportable customer accidents on our premises are also significantly down, by 15% since 2006. We will continue to strive to push the rates down even further.

We will continue to attract and retain the best staff based on our core value, 'treat people how we like to be treated', by making Tesco a rewarding place to work.

KPI 2007/8  
Employee retention To exceed 80% retention of experienced staff. Blue disc img indicating: Above target
Employee training 95% of retail staff to be trained to bronze level. Blue disc img indicating: Above target
  75% of retail staff to be trained to silver level. Blue disc img indicating: Above target
Health and safety To reduce our reportable accident rate in the workplace by 10% between 2006 and 2009. Blue disc img indicating: Above target
Inclusivity and diversity No statistical difference by age, sex or ethnicity in answer to the staff Viewpoint survey question, 'I enjoy working for Tesco'. Green disc img indicating: On target
Red disc image Below target
Yellow disc image Close to target
Green disc image On target
Blue disc image Above target
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