Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with the different groups that influence or are affected by our business is fundamental to our values. Understanding our stakeholders' needs and concerns also helps identify the relevant CR issues and enables us to plan our CR programme accordingly.

We have a wide range of stakeholders, with many different needs and expectations, and these sometimes conflict. We can't be all things to all people, but we can assure all stakeholders that we have listened to them and taken their views into account when balancing different considerations.

The table below shows the main issues raised by different groups and the process through which we engage with them.

These issues are evaluated to rate their relevance to Tesco, our shareholders and our customers.

Stakeholder group Interests and expectations of Tesco How we engege them
Customers Good shopping trip. Good neighbour.
Operate fairly and honestly.
Provide a choice of products, including sustainable,
healthy and affordable options.
Our Customer Question Time (CQT) meetings help us to identify and respond to changing customer needs. CQTs are used to drive our Customer and Community Plans. These Plans are the management tools we use to deliver continued improvement in customer satisfaction.
Employees Fair terms and conditions. Interesting job.
Manager who helps me. To be treated with respect.
Opportunities to get on. Safe and healthy workplace.
it is vital that we listen to and engage with our people as often and as well as we do with our customers. Our staff give anonymous feedback through our annual Viewpoint survey
Communities Good neighbour. More employment.
Support for local causes and initiatives.
Community initiatives.
Public consultations and exhibitions.
Leaflets. Focus groups. Consumer panels.
Work with community groups including charities.
Suppliers To be treated fairly and honestly.
Long-term relationships, opportunities for growth
and shared customer insight.
Suppliers are vital to our business, so we apply our core value: "Treat people how we like to be treated." Our key suppliers also take part in a Supplier Viewpoint each year
and regulators
Legal compliance.
Stable, family-friendly job opportunities.
Good quality training. Timely payment of all taxes.
We are also keen to have an open and honest relationship with political stakeholders, engaging with governments and officials on a range of policy issues that affect our business and the communities in which we operate.
Non-governmental organisations Leadership approach to CR issues.
Clear policies and principles.
Credible, transparent communication.
We meet non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to discuss and respond to their issues and concerns