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Free magazines - from now until your child turns 3!

Each issue comes with money-saving coupons so you can get great deals on all your favourite Babyclub products.


From staying healthy, to eating for two (in a good way!), Tesco Pregnancy magazine is jam-packed with timely info, easy recipe ideas, real-life parents’ tips and really useful products.

0-3 months baby magazine

How to survive those first few weeks, eating right when you’re pushed for time, getting your precious bundle into a sleep routine, plus the highs and lows of feeding!

3-6 months baby magazine

Your baby is growing fast and our 3-6 months magazine is full of ideas on weaning and health, plus stimulating toys and books to keep your little one amused.

6-12 months baby magazine

Truly inspiration food ideas for you and your baby, with advice from real parents on the topics that matter to you. Including routines, teething and returning to work.

Toddler magazine

Our exciting new seasonal magazine is full of creative makes and cooking projects to entertain your little one, as well as tempting recipes for you and fashion for your little one.

It’s easy to join Tesco Baby & Toddler Club. Just fill out our online registration form. If you don't already have a Clubcard you'll automatically be sent one. So you can start earning Clubcard points straight away!

*You'll need to have registered as a member during your pregnancy to benefit from the full value of €100. Those who join at a later stage will not receive the full benefit.

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