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Tesco One App on the iPhone

Shop on the go with our free Tesco App

  • Find your nearest Tesco store and see our opening hours and contact details
  • Shop online securely using your smartphone and browse the latest and greatest offers
  • Book a delivery slot
  • Shop by favourites
  • Receive notifications and to stay up to date with weekly special offers and promotions, you only select the offers you want to receive
  • Get all the latest news from Tesco Mobile
  • Browse hundreds of recipes by course or cuisine and more...

...and do it all with ease, for free.

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Tesco One App on the iPhone

Shop on the go from your smartphone with our mobile website

  • Shopping with Tesco is as quick and easy as ever
  • Shop on the go wherever you are
  • Shop all your Favourites in just two clicks

So next time you are out and about, don't forget you can now shop on your mobile.

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